Alleged DUI Driver Plows CHP Checkpoint

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Officers arrest ​21-year-old Edlin Mendez of Madera on suspicion of DUI, Saturday night about 10 pm. Mendez allegedly attempted to drive through the check point with out stopping, nearly striking officers. Mendez insisted she hadn’t been drinking, was combative and more than twice the legal limit according to officers.
By DJ Becker/     August 23, 2014
A DUI and license check point held by The California Highway Patrol on Road 26 screened over 400 vehicles and nearly turned tragic as a driver alleged to be under the influence of alcohol failed to stop and attempted to drive through the check point.
Officers arrested 21-year-old Edlin Mendez of Madera on suspicion of DUI, Saturday night about 10 pm.
Sgt. Michael Donnelly said the female driver drove fast and erratically around the many large orange traffic cones and the other cars stopped in the lanes, just missing a stop sign, officers and a CHP car parked in the turn lane.
“Fortunately, we prepare for this sort of thing. We saw the car coming … too fast around the cones and were able to get out of the way. But she just narrowly missed hitting officers,” Donnelly said.
Donnelly said Mendez was also combative, more than twice the legal limit and continually cursed at officers during the sobriety screening and arrest.
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Sgt. Michael Donnelly of The California Highway Patrol checks the learners permit of a new teen driver, as the teen’s mother looks on, at a drivers license and sobriety check point held Saturday night on Road 26, near Adell Street.
The rest of the check point was routine, he said, with about six drivers found to be driving without licenses, and those vehicles were later released to drivers with licenses.
“We did several field sobriety tests (on other drivers) and stopped one unlicensed driver driving on a traffic warrant for failure to appear (in court) for unlicensed driving. His vehicle was impounded,” Donnelly said.
Madera CHP will be holding fall campaigns to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, he said, and additional DUI and license check points within the Labor Day and up coming holiday periods.
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